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SocialSecurity.gov: U.S. Social Security Official Website

SSA.gov, formerly SocialSecurity.gov, is the official website for the U.S. Social Security Administration (SSA). This is where you can go to quickly find answers to common questions about Social Security, Medicare, and other retirement-related topics. But there’s a lot more you can do on the SSA website. This post walks you through the Social Security website, including how to sign up for Medicare while you’re there.

What Can You Do at SocialSecurity.gov?

Social Security online lets you:

  • Review your information: Includes your earnings history, estimated retirement benefits, viewing your Social Security statement, and checking the status of your application for benefits.
  • Apply for benefits: Includes retirement, disability, and Medicare. You may also appeal a decision regarding said application.
  • Manage your account: Everyone should create a my Social Security account. This is where you update your address, set up your banking information for direct deposit, and print your 1099 or proof of benefits.
  • Find help and answers: SSA.gov provides a wealth of information to help you understand your benefit options.

The Social Security website is also where you go to request replacement cards for either Medicare or Social Security.

The Social Security Phone Number

You may also reach a Social Security representative by phone Monday through Friday, from 8:00 AM until 5:30 PM. The toll-free SSA phone number is 800-772-1213 (TTY 800-325-0778).

Social Security’s automated telephone services are available 24/7. By dialing that same number, you can:

  • Request benefit verification
  • Request your SSA-1099
  • Order a replacement Medicare card
  • Request form SSA-1020, also known as the application for Extra Help
  • Ask for a status update on your benefit application

You can also find the address of your closest local Social Security office.

Local Social Security Office

The Social Security Office Locator makes finding your local SSA office easy. Just click the link, enter your zip code and hit Locate. This takes you to a new window where you choose between Card Services and Other Services.

Choose “I Need Card Services” if:

  • You need to request a new Social Security card
  • It’s time to update your personal information
  • Your employer instructed you to visit the Department of Social Security

For any other services, click “I Need Other Services.”

To schedule a social security office appointment, call the 800-number listed above.

Please note that, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, local Social Security offices closed on March 16, 2020. They will remain closed through at least April.

Local social security office

How to Apply for Medicare on SocialSecurity.gov

Although the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) manage Medicare, you actually sign up for the program through the Social Security website.

The fastest, easiest way to apply for Medicare is online, at SSA.gov. The application is open to anyone who:

  • Is aged 64 years and 9 months or older
  • Currently has zero Medicare coverage
  • Does not currently receive Social Security benefits (retirement, disability, or survivors)
  • Does not want to receive Social Security benefits yet

Applying online only takes around 10 minutes.

How to Apply for Medicare Part B

If you already have Medicare Part A and are looking to add Part B, you can’t apply online. Instead, you must complete form CMS 40B, Application for Enrollment in Medicare – Part B. Click here to download and print the form. Then, mail the completed application to your local Social Security office. You may also fax it to 1-833-914-2016.

If you’re ready to sign up for Medicare, use our free Find a Plan tool to compare your Medicare plan options. Just enter your zip code and start date to review the Medicare Advantage and Part D prescription drug plans available in your area.

Create a my Social Security Account

Creating a my Social Security account is the easiest way to take advantage of many SSA online benefits.

It takes only a few minutes to create your account. Just enter your name, address, Social Security number, and date of birth. Then, answer a few security questions SSA uses to confirm your identity. (Mine were all multiple-choice questions about my car loan.)

You don’t have to be retirement age to create a my Social Security account, but you do need to be at least 18 years old.

What Else Can You Do on SocialSecurity.gov?

The Social Security website is your go-to source for retirement planning. Once you create your account, you can get a personalized estimate of your retirement benefits. This includes the ability to see the difference in your monthly benefit if you retire early or continue working past retirement age.

You can also apply for retirement, disability, Medicare, and survivors’ benefits. Do you need Extra Help paying your Medicare Part D costs? You can apply for that at SSA.gov, too.

Social Security also offers an enormous library of online resources designed to save you valuable time compared to waiting on “hold” or standing in line. SSA provides a general FAQ page for the most common questions as well as pages that focus on a single topic.

Applying for a Social Security Card Online

If you need to replace your Social Security card, you may be to do it through your my Social Security account if you:

  • Are a United States citizen with a mailing address that’s in the U.S.
  • Are age 18 or older
  • Do not need to make any alterations to your card, such as a name change
  • Have a state-issued ID card, such as a driver’s license, from one of participating states or Washington, D.C.

The following states do not allow online replacement as of April 2020:

  • Alabama
  • Minnesota
  • Nevada
  • New Hampshire
  • Ohio
  • Oklahoma
  • Oregon
  • West Virginia

The service is also unavailable for people with ID cards that were issued in U.S. territories.

If you need to make changes to your Social Security card or do not have qualifying identification, you need to complete an application and either mail it to Social Security or take it to your local office.


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