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Do You Have to Sign Up for Medicare Every Year?

Unless you had a gap in coverage, you do not have to sign up for Medicare every year. However, it's smart to compare your plan options....

By Kolt Legette

How to File for Medicare

You file for Medicare through Social Security. The fastest, easiest way is to do it online, which only takes around 10 minutes....

By Chris Gasparini

How to Cancel Medicare Part B

If you need to cancel your Medicare Part B coverage, preparing ahead of time can make the process run more smoothly and quickly....

By Kolt Legette

Special Election Periods for Disaster Declarations

If FEMA declared a disaster or emergency where you live, you may qualify for a Special Enrollment Period....

By Donna Frederick

The Medicare Disenrollment Period (Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment)

The Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period, formerly the Medicare Disenrollment Period, runs from January 1 to March 31....

By Chris Gasparini

Who Is Eligible for Medicare?

Most people qualify for Medicare due to age (65 or older). You may also qualify if you collect disability or have ALS or ESRD....

By Kolt Legette

Do I Have to Sign Up for Medicare? I Have Private Insurance

You can wait to sign up for Medicare without incurring late penalties if you have creditable coverage elsewhere when you turn 65....

By Kolt Legette

What Happens if You Miss Medicare Annual Enrollment?

Medicare Annual Enrollment ends December 7. If you miss it, though, you may be able to make changes to your coverage for next year....

By Donna Frederick

Medicare Part A Enrollment

Medicare Part A enrollment is only automatic if you begin collecting Social Security benefits at least 4 months before turning 65....

By Chris Gasparini

Can I Opt Out of Medicare Part B?

No "part" of Medicare is mandatory. You may delay signing up for Part B without incurring penalty if you have creditable coverage....

By Donna Frederick

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